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Repair Café East Linton is Go!

Fixing for a Future held East Lothian's first ever Repair Café at East Linton Community Hall on Saturday 12th March. We had a fantastic turnout and our wonderful volunteer repairers fixed a total of 23 items:

1 bicycle

1 table

1 milking stool

1 table lamp

1 kettle

1 waffle machine

1 table light

1 vacuum cleaner

1 pair of trousers

1 cardigan

1 dress

2 knitted jumpers

2 socks

2 pairs of tracksuit bottoms

3 shirts

3 earrings

And a selection of dog toys!

Thanks to all who came along and our repair team for making it such a great success. We'll be back in 2 months so, in the meantime, don't throw anything away!

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