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Seamless @ Repair Café East Linton

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Repair Café at East Linton Community Hall and, of course, to our brilliant volunteers for fixing very nearly everything!

We fixed:

3 bikes, 1 rucksack, 5 jumpers, 3 sewing machines, 5 chairs, 1 earring, 1 bra, 2 clocks, 1 hoover, 1 table, 1 fan heater, 1 hat, 1 frying pan, 1 Christmas lights, 1 table lamp, 1 oil radiator, 1 shirt, 1 belt, 1 brush cutter, 1 food processor, 1 rice cooker

To find out more about Fixing for a Future and our activities, visit:

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We'll be back on Saturday 29th April. See you there!

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