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"Can We Fix It?"...

Yes we can - we could, we did - in the case of 22 items brought along to our Repair Café at East Linton Community Hall today!

We fixed:

1 pair of loppers

1 brooch

2 pairs of jeans

1 basket

1 extension cable

5 pairs of shears

1 set of kitchen scales

1 silver chain

1 seat pad

1 roller case

1 electrical heater

1 charm pendant

1 salt cellar

1 china shell

1 lamp

1 jumper

1 duffle bag

Thanks so much to all our brilliant and talented volunteers for sharing your skills and energy and making Repair Café East Linton such a welcoming and happy place to be!

To find out more about Fixing for a Future and our activities, visit:

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We'll be back on Saturday 18th November

See you there!

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