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Celebrating No Waste Crafty Creations!

Over the last couple of months, Fixing for a Future has delivered 22 sewing skills workshops for the community. Many thanks to our fabulous tutor, Sheena, and to everyone who has participated.

So many intricate repairs completed and beautiful things created, including... a pillow cover, a tote bag, a top and trousers, a pouch with a zipper, a romper suit, a patchwork quilt, adjusted curtains, cushion covers, fabric bags for small clothing items, a running rucksack, a kids' rucksack and swimming towel, a pair of pyjamas, a peg apron and two Roman outfits for kids’ Christmas presents!

And so many skills learned, to thread a sewing machine correctly, reverse stitching, different stitches and what they are for, how to embroider on a normal sewing machine, how to do patchwork, how to take up the hem of a ladies vintage coat, the importance of mentorship when learning a new skill, how to use an overlocker, how to interpret sewing patterns (including deciphering all the lingo), how to patchwork quilt, how to put in elastic, sew round corners, unpick things to see how to repair them, how to put in zips, how to do piping, how to wind the bobbin using the sewing machine rather than by hand. 

Some words from our participants:

"The most important thing I took away from the experience was increased confidence, coupled with hints and tips on where to look for further advice and information"

"I learned not to be afraid of using mum's old sewing machine! I made my first ever button holes. I learned how to cut out a simple pattern and stitch it together. Overall I gained the confidence to continue sewing and experimenting on my own"

"The workshops were a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and meet people from my local community of all ages that I might not have spoken to otherwise”


 "This allowed me to concentrate on my creative side. Getting to meet new people at all ages with no judgement and realising that even if I mess up I can just unpick it and start again! Although embroidery wasn’t something Sheena had tried on a sewing machine, she was eager for me to try and really supportive in helping me figure it out"


"Sheena was incredibly helpful and a great teacher. I left each class feeling accomplished and proud of myself"


"I thoroughly enjoyed the sewing skills workshop sessions”


"A very enjoyable and worthwhile project - It was great that we could rake around and choose our materials from remnants rather than having to shop for them. Loads of all sorts off equipment for using….scissors, machines, threads etc. Sheena is a very pleasant, knowledgeable tutor who is very helpful"


"I've really enjoyed going to Sheena's workshop. Sheena is incredibly supportive and encouraging and I've learnt a huge amount from the workshops. Before going to the workshops, I'd never even used a sewing machine but now I would definitely have the confidence to tackle a sewing project on my own"


"Sheena was super helpful and gave advice on measuring, doing the piping and learning how to use the overlocker. A great course and I learned loads of new skills"


 "The Sewing Skills Workshop was brilliant for me. I’ve really upped my ability to repair things, which was a key aim of mine, and since taking the workshop I have been seeing ever more things I could fix with my new found skills and confidence. Sheena was also able to confirm that my sewing machine needed fixing, as it wasn’t working properly. Which was helpful to a beginner like me. Sheena was really patient and took time to explain things so that I could follow what needed to be done"

"The whole experience was one of positivity. Sheena’s interest in what everyone was making and what they wished to learn was refreshing. Her knowledge and ideas of how to bring your project to fruition are excellent. Her patience, reassurance and encouragement was there in abundance. She willingly allowed us to use her equipment and was happy to give us materials. She made everyone feel at ease with no awkwardness. Importantly none of the small scraps of material including thread goes to waste. All was being used to fill a draft excluder"

We'll be delivering more workshops across East Lothian in February and March so please email Rosie, if you'd like to be involved.

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