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Congratulations! Bike Repair & Maintenance Workshop Success

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

For the last six weeks, each Monday at The Pennypit Centre, Prestonpans, our fabulous bike repair and maintenance tutors - Andy, Dan and Mark - have been working with a group of young people referred to Fixing for a Future by East Lothian Works.

The aim of the workshops is to support these young people to develop their experience and confidence and help them into training and employment.

This Monday we were delighted to present certificates to Rhys, Jake, Luke, Cameron and John for completing the 18 hour course.

Here are a few words from the participants themselves:

"I've really enjoyed dismantling the bikes. I was nervous at first that I'd get it wrong, that I would do the wrong thing - but in the end I took loads of bikes apart. I learned how to use things I hadn't used before like allen keys, spanners, screwdrivers and a monkey wrench."

"The whole course and all the teachers have been dead sound."

"These tutors all get a ten out of ten."

"I knew a fair bit before but this has been a good refresh for me. The tutors have set the course at the right levels to suit all of us."

"I knew nothing about bikes but now I've learned everything from easy stuff like adjusting the seat to really complicated things like repairing and setting up the gears."

"I liked that the course was outside. It was way more relaxed being out in the fresh air. The tutors were really relaxed and that made me relaxed and put me in the mood for learning. It was comforting."

Thanks to all who participated - We look forward to seeing you at our next workshop series (Carpentry) in September/October!

Many thanks to The Pennypit Centre for your kind hospitality and especially to Andy, Dan and Mark for making it both educational and fun!

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