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From Scythes to Ceramic Hedgehogs...

You name it, we fix it! Another riveting Repair Café brought to East Linton Community Hall by Fixing for a Future.

(Scroll down for more photos)

What did we repair?

1 kettle

3 bikes

1 clock

1 scythe

1 garden fork

1 toaster

1 chair

1 fan

1 torch

1 bracelet

1 necklace

2 pairs of trousers

1 lamp

1 ceramic hedgehog

1 porcelain cow

1 pair of earrings

1 pair of garden shears

2 pairs of scissors

1 chisel

2 lawnmowers

1 hedge trimmer

A total of 26 items fixed out of the 27 brought along!

That’s a pretty impressive rate of repair from our remarkable repair team - 96.3%!

Dotting around the Community Hall, amidst the constant buzz of conversation, the chance to tune in to many sound snippets that reveal the meaning of it all; the reasons why getting our broken stuff fixed matters to us.

A Dualit toaster, over twenty years old. The owner brought along the spare part, easily sourced online then replaced by Malcolm at our electrics table. A new lease of life, twenty more years to go - and a chat between repairers and owner about the satisfaction that comes from being able to fix like this, instead of contributing to the massive global problem of waste to landfill. Some reminiscence; a father and son taking apart a similar toaster many years ago, learning together, passing knowledge down the generations…

A pair of earrings with a story, broken. Some skilful teamwork by Jen and Martin, our jewellery and bike repairers, and those earrings are reinvigorated, renewed. The owner is delighted…

A weathered scythe handle, transported to the Repair Café by bicycle. The bolt can’t be removed to allow attachment of new blade. Artfully, Bob and Chris, our in-house woodwork and tool sharpening volunteers, team up to solve the bother while the owner watches, listens, asks.

A chair that looks well beyond repair, but there is hope. Tape, glue, advice on completing the work at home. There’s life in the old chair yet.

Our next Repair Café will be on Saturday 20th August at East Linton Community Hall.

Come along and get involved!

It’s practical and functional; it’s money-saving and planet-saving; in a world full of greed, speed and excess, it’s reassuring, rewarding and really very grounding!

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