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Fundraiser! Thermal Imaging Camera for ELTL!


Whatever DIY or home improvement project you’re working on, there are usually tools to make it easier – but, once the job is done, many of the tools people buy end up in a garage or a cupboard, never to be used again.

At East Linton Tool Library, we give these tools a home so our members can use them when they need to, where they can be productive for years, saving people money and reducing waste. Many of our tools are specialised and too expensive for most people to consider buying for just one or two uses.

Several East Linton Tool Library members who are worried about the rising cost of heating their homes and want to do their best to limit their environmental impact have asked if we can stock a thermal imaging camera.

A thermal imaging camera lets people examine their home to see where they need to insulate or draught-proof, locating cracks and damp spots that are otherwise invisible. People can cut fuel costs and keep their homes warm and cosy with minor, targeted fixes.

We want to add a good quality, robust thermal imaging camera to our inventory to offer it as a resource to our members*. To achieve this, we’re asking for your help. East Linton Tool Library will match the amount raised to a maximum of £300.

1. If we raise £125, we will buy a camera (worth £250) that attaches to a mobile phone. (We have a compatible iPhone offered to the library).

2. If we raise £180, we will buy a camera (worth £360) with a small display of its own, making it easier for us to manage and for users who won’t have to charge two separate devices.

3. If we raise the complete £300, we will buy a camera (worth £600) with twice the resolution and a bigger display which is more ergonomic and better at picking out fine details.

4. If we raise more than £300, we will buy a camera (worth £600) and put any additional funds towards developing learning resources for our members. For example, we will run practical demonstration workshops and deliver awareness-raising initiatives to encourage people to improve their home energy efficiency.

You can contribute as much or as little as you like. However, if you are not already a member of East Linton Tool Library and contribute £25 or more, you will be entitled to an annual membership, giving you access to the thermal imaging camera and our entire inventory:

Please note: Gofundme only shares your name with East Linton Tool Library. If you contribute £25 or more and are not already a member, please email Rosie Harrison – – to arrange your annual membership.

*The thermal imaging camera will only be available to East Linton Tool Library members.

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