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Introducing ELTL's Pressure Washer!

Dave Foley, East Linton resident and volunteer at East Linton Tool Library, sings the praises of our Karcher Pressure Washer...

"We had tried a number of ways to clean the step to our front door, including scrubbing with a diluted bleach solution, with limited success. We then tried a Karcher pressure washer loaned from the East Linton Tool Library.

It was very easy to set up using a standard hose connector to link the hosepipe to the machine and then select the recommended nozzle attachment. Plug it into the standard house 13amp plug socket and away we went. Both lead and hose/ nozzle on the washer were of a perfectly adequate length for the job in hand. We used the "hard" nozzle as recommended. It cleaned the step, removed ingrained dirt in the tiles with very little effort as the photo below shows. The two tips I would offer is to be methodical in the way the nozzle is directed at the area being cleaned and use the full width of the spray in an up and down motion. You can easily see what has been cleaned as you work across the area. Also, I took advantage of the loan to pressure wash the path (slabs) to our summer house. Loaned the washer on Tuesday night and returned it Saturday morning. Before we returned it we gave it as good wipe over to ensure the machine was clean for the next loanee."

Close-up of front step before and after pressure wash

Karcher Pressure Washer

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