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Kimonos, Rabbits and Rompers!

You name it, you can make it - in one of our Sewing Skills workshops with Sheena!

Congratulations to our most recent participants - Anna, Dan, Ian, Jen, Zoë and Mar.

It's been great having you with us and inspiring to see all the incredible things you've created over the last 6 weeks.

Thank you to our remarkable tutor, Sheena Carss, for making all things possible!

Feedback from participants:

"I made a toy rabbit. I've learned that if you want to make something, you can make it! You can make anything! There's been lots of very good help - top help, top materials, top music, top chat - and top snacks! I've learned how to use a sewing machine and got lots of tips to make hand sewing easier"

" I've learned to use an overlocker. I've made furniture coverings and a bike frame bag for bike packing. It's been very good for solving practical problems. I've made some new friends and there's been lots of interesting chat! Also, I now love pink!"

"I learned how to use the overlocker and how to use a sewing machine. It's given me the confidence to start sewing at home. Sheena is amazing, so knowledgeable. It's been really good fun!"

"I've gone out and got a secondhand sewing machine. I've hemmed my curtains, fixed a sleeve on my jacket, leaned how to do satin stitch and darned a jumper. Now I'm working on making a skirt with lining"

"I was a complete beginner. By the second week I had made a patchwork cushion cover from fabric scraps. I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself! I'm learning to work with patterns, making this hippo for my friend's daughter. I'm also doing some darning. I'm very comfortable with the atmosphere. I've found it really easygoing, friendly and relaxed"

We'll be running more of these workshops (East Linton, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6.30-8.30pm), so if you're interested please email:

Rosie, and we'll keep you posted with dates.

All welcome!

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