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Toy-Making Videos Part 1: Make a Fishing Rod to Catch a Pretend Fish!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

During lockdown a local mum sent me a list of toys that her young son aged 3 wanted her to make for and with him at home. The list included a guitar, a bow and arrow and a fishing rod for catching pretend fish. This concept appealed to me so I volunteered to try making a video about the fishing rod from “stuff lying around the house.”

I managed something approximating a fishing rod and, using this as a guide, Dad and Son made another excellent example.

I hope that grandparents and parents will recall the toys of their youth and find other fun things to make. This could even have educational value. I think a lot of us, including children, have had enough of the Christmas marketing frenzy for sophisticated plastic and electronic toys that leave nothing to the imagination.

- By Brian McClelland

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