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Marvellous Bike Masterclass with Mark!

Thanks to all who came along to our 'Fix Your Own Bike' workshop this morning for 2.5 hours of intensive bike repair skills with Mark James, including punctures, brake cables, gear cables, cleaning and much more.

This workshop was brought to East Linton Community Hall by 'Fixing for a Future', a project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund and encompassing East Linton Tool Library and a wide range of fantastic repair workshops.

It's not just about bikes. Over the next few months we'll be running workshops in tool sharpening, darning, Sashiko mending and furniture repair.

Our next 'Fix Your Own Bike' Workshop will run on 2nd October (already fully booked).

More will be scheduled, so to register interest in this or any other aspect of 'Fixing for a Future', please email Rosie:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

To become a member of East Linton Tool Library:

To check out our inventory:

To volunteer:

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