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Next Repair Café May 11th!

Repair Café East Linton

East Linton Community Hall

Saturday 11th May


Household Furniture

Got a veneer that's seen better days? A wobbly leg? Pesky scratches or a busted handle? Whatever your furniture issue, Brian Mc, Martin A and Martin J will do their best to make things square and true!

Tool Sharpening

Sandpaper, blocks, whetstones, sharpening steel, diamond sharpeners, saw sharpening kits...Who knew there was so much to the art of tool sharpening? Bring along your kitchen, gardening and DIY tools and Chris will teach you some top tips to keep you at the cutting edge!


Necklace in a knot, bangles in a tangle, beads off the lead? Want to learn how to fix your jewellery? Just give us a ring! Or, rather, come along and meet our volunteer jewellery repairers, Hanna and Jan. They'll give you back your sparkle!


Got a problem puncture, grinding gears, a wonky wheel or broken brakes? Bring your bike and learn repair skills and maintenance tips from Martin A and Martin J. They're wheelie skilled!


Coming apart at the seams? Needle the help you can get with a sewing project? (Been telling sew many jokes that you're out of material?) Meet our clothing and textile volunteers, Tricia, Liz, Hanna, Sue and Caroline. They'll have you in stitches!

Small Household Electrical Appliances

Burnt out fuse? Corroded element? If you have any small household electrical appliances in need of repair, you won't get more sparky than Martin, Malcolm and John!

Sewing Machines

Feed dogs playing up? Skipping stitches? Puckered seams? Bothersome bobbin? Bring your sewing machine to Laurie. He'll solve all your tension troubles!

And even if you don't have anything to repair, pop in and say hello!

Free tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits, lots of information on brilliant local environmental projects and a warm welcome guaranteed!

To enable us to be as prepared as possible, please email Rosie, by Wednesday 8th May with details of the item/s you’ll be bringing.

 *We will do our best to repair your things but can offer no guarantees.

See you there!

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1 Comment

Apr 29

Dear Rosie,

I have a chiming clock which is about 100years old but not currently working. Is this something I can bring along on 11 May?



Happy to provide further details if required

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