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Sewing Skills @ East Linton

Many thanks to all who participated in our latest Sewing Skills workshops:

Katie, Jill, Ian, Anne-Marie, Kirsteen, Helen, Sue, Rachael, Louise, Ciara,

Yashodha, Missy, Meriel, Wendy, Laura, Barbara, Grace, Anna, Eleanor, Kelly, Tor, Miriam and Nicola - and, of course, thanks to our exceptional tutor, Sheena!

Some words from our participants:

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the drop in sessions and Sheena has been great. I’ve made a pair of pyjamas, a padded bag to carry my sewing machine extension table and a zipped bag with gusset. It gave me the opportunity to refresh dressmaking skills and try working with new materials such as corduroy”

" I made a party dress for my daughter (for a family wedding), button holes, lining, gathering, pleating, finishing a neckline with bias binding"

"I learned how to use my sewing machine, how to use an unpicker, how to repair my jacket and trousers, how to make a button hole and most importantly how not to be afraid of sewing and the machine!"

“It was a great way to spend an evening - learning new skills and doing it with a group of people who were all there for the same reason. It was fun helping and learning from one another”


" I learnt how to use my sewing machine and how to make a cushion and insert a zip. I was very much a beginner. It was a great experience, learning to sew and as a real beginner I felt really comfortable asking obvious questions. It was a fun creative thing to be a part of”

“The course was amazing. In just three weeks I made a cushion cover, learned how to insert a zip, how to take up hems in jeans, the zig zag stitch on my machine, finally realised how to bring up the bobbin thread on my machine, adjusted a top that was too big, lengthened sleeves on a wool jacket, and have confidence to attempt more things. I could not be more pleased!”

“It's a relaxed environment, Sheena is on hand at all times for all questions and help. The other attendees were very pleasant and overall it was just a lovely thing to do…I left every session feeling relaxed and as if I had really achieved something and it's just so nice to be able to do an activity with other people”


"I made a cushion cover with scrap fabrics and also made the cushion/pillow to go inside it.  I then wanted to focus on mending things which I brought from home"


“I can not describe how basic my sewing skills were when I went along. I warned Sheena that I have negative knowledge (if that is possible). Literally would struggle with buttons and have been known to resort to a staple gun to make repairs. From where I was starting, I have come on loads because I can now make a start with a sewing machine and feel more confident in tackling repairs. This is huge for me”

“I loved it! Sheena's patience is legendary too! It was such a welcoming environment and it was so nice to work alongside other people who all had varying levels of skill/experience so you could learn from each other too.  Having that time to sit and focus on learning a new skill with no pressure was fantastic - thank you all so much”

“I think you guys are doing a fantastic thing. There are many people like me who didn't learn these skills at home and in my school, the most we got at home economics was making a baked potato (in the microwave). I think things are better now but there is a generation of people who don't know how to make basic repairs, meaning more things get wasted and the environment suffers. I know there are many resources on the internet but there is nothing like having someone there so you can really see how to do something. Plus, you get the benefit of being around other people and enjoying a blether - which is fantastic!”

“I'm so grateful that I got a place in this workshop, thank you. Sheena was a great teacher - really approachable and she gave me the confidence to give things a go. The atmosphere in the sewing room was always friendly and relaxed and I looked forward to being there"

"I learnt some trouble shooting with my machine like when it gets jammed. How to wind my bobbin better which I was struggling with before. Using different foots. As part of my creations I learnt french seams, inserting zippers, an inner pocket, adjusting tension and stitch lengths for different fabrics. I also made scrunchies and bow hair ties for my daughter and I assisted my son to make some bunting for his bedroom which he is really proud of!"

"Making a cushion to begin with was a great way to regain confidence on my machine. I went on to replace the lining and handles of an old favourite bag, make wee zipper purses which I've gifted to friends and family, make a tote bag, made a simple coin purse out of old bike inner tubes and I fixed a hole in my fave cosy trousers. I've had a few late nights on the sewing machine eager to make things!"

If you'd like to find out about the sewing activities we have planned for 2024 and ways to get involved, please email Rosie,


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