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Sewing Skills @ East Linton

Many thanks to all who participated in our latest Sewing Skills workshops:

Tracy, Moira, Sheena, Janette, Mary, Sharon, Simone, Joan and Ree -

- and, of course, thanks to our exceptional tutor, Sheena!

Some words from our participants:

"Absolutely fab class for everyone of different ages and skills. Fab people to chat to and socialise with. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!"

"Absolutely great - Sheena is a font of knowledge and really happy to share it with the group. I enjoyed having a go at a project of my choice and having guidance to keep me on track. Great teacher, nice group, good chats! Thank you!"

"I joined this class having looked through my cupboard of unused lengths of material. It seemed a good opportunity to start sewing again before my eyesight failed (macular degeneration). Having found some lovely material and a 50 year old pattern for a skirt, I decided to make this at the class"

"I have had a wonderful time, learning skills that I needed to know so that I could make full use of the attachments that came with the machine originally. I learned new skills, gained in self-confidence, enjoyed socially interacting with people new to me"

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