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Sewing Skills @ Musselburgh Men's Shed

Congratulations to Kevin F, Walter, Peter, Matt, Stuart (pictured left to right), Kevin B and Ian on completing our six week Sewing Skills course!

Thanks to Kevin Young of DadsWork and Musselburgh Men's Shed.

It's been a pleasure to work with you all and we look forward to seeing some of you back for Advanced Sewing Skills in a couple of weeks!

Great thanks to our exceptional tutor, Sheena Carss.

Here are some quotes from the participants:

"I've really enjoyed it. It's been amazing fun, really exhilarating! I've made a tartan bag with a zip, learned now to sew on buttons. My daughter just started Judo and her trousers were too long so I've taken up the hems. I felt I was lacking this skill. My partner knows how to sew but doesn't enjoy it. Now I can sew for the family!"

"It's been very good, learning new stuff I've never done before. I enjoyed the hand sewing the most and it'll be really helpful for the future. I've made a draught excluder, a pin cushion, a purse, clothes repairs on trousers and jumpers. It's given me confidence to try new things in future. Sheena's a star! She doesn't make you feel stupid and that's what it's all about - giving you confidence."

"I've learned new skills. I took a zip out, fitted a zip. I can get away with wearing those trousers again now. My kids and I have bags of clothes full of holes and, especially at the moment, it's wrong to throw stuff away and you can't afford it. I've learned how to use a sewing machine and enjoyed watching and learning from the others. I'm going to miss this class - the six weeks have gone really fast. It's been relaxing and Sheena's been a great teacher. Very patient. I would recommend this to anyone."

"It's been wonderful. Really excellent! Great way to start the week. I loved that it was instructive but not prescriptive. We're not all doing one specific design but have been allowed to develop our own style and work. I've made two draught excluders, a purse with lining and a zip, a pin cushion, a tablecloth and fixed a pair of trousers."

"I've really enjoyed it. I've had fun and it's been calming. It's really opened my eyes to what I can do. I've made lots of cushions, three purses with zips and now I'm learning crochet. It's been brilliant!"

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