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Why Buy when you can Borrow?

Updated: May 27, 2021

Beautiful sunny evening to open the doors of East Linton Tool Library for the first time! Opening hours 5-7pm Tuesdays and 10-midday Saturdays.

As a member of East Linton Tool Library you'll have access to a wide array of tools and "how-to" instruction manuals to help you with your home improvement, woodwork, bicycle, sewing, plumbing and general DIY projects.

You'll be able to borrow tools when you need them and return them when you're done so they can be used by someone else.

Our volunteers will carry out routine maintenance and repairs on all equipment to ensure good condition and extend the lifespan of the inventory.

Become a member of East Linton Tool Library for £25 pounds per year and you'll:​

  • Save money

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

  • Reduce waste going to landfill

  • Learn new skills

  • Join a community of people working to create a circular economy

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