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And the Winner is ...

We ran two competitions at our Repair Café on 12th March.

The winner of competition no.1: Repair & Reuse Quiz...

Jimmy Patrick

Congratulations, Jimmy!

We hope you enjoy your free membership to East Linton Tool Library!

Here is the quiz, with correct answers highlighted:

1. Approximately how many Repair Cafes have been established worldwide?

a. 200

b. 1200

c. 2200

d. 3200

2. Which of the following are among the ambitions of Repair Cafes?

a. To challenge planned obsolescence and reduce waste

b. To save people money

c. To teach skills and promote sustainable behaviours

d. To improve mental health

3. In 2018, Repair Cafes worldwide prevented how many products from going to waste?

a. 150,000

b. 250,000

c. 350,000

d. 450,000

4. And saved how many kilos of CO2?

a. 5.5 million

b. 6.5 million

c. 7.5 million

d. 8.5 million

5. During an average meeting Repair Café how many objects are successfully repaired?

a. 10

b. 14

c. 18

d. 22

6. What is the average lifespan for a piece of clothing in the UK?

a. 9 months

b. 3.3 years

c. 5.2 years

d. 7.1 years

7. How many million tonnes of household waste is generated in the UK every year?

a. 10 million

b. 20 million

c. 30 million

d. 40 million

8. Repairing or recycling our old electrical products would cut as much CO2 as removing how many cars from the road?

a. 590,000

b. 750,000

c. 1.3 million

d. 2.1 million

9. The UK’s recently introduced (2021) “Right to Repair” law is estimated to extend the lifespan of products by up to…

a. 5 years

b. 10 years

c. 15 years

d. 20 years

10. However, the new law does not cover which of the following products?

a. Microwaves

b. Cookers

c. Smart phones

d. Tumble dryers

And the winner of competition no.2: How many screws in the jar? ...

The correct answer was 409 so it was quite a guess from our winner, who went for a remarkably close 398...

Congratulations to Sue Murray!

This beautiful woodwork book for children is on its way to you.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Repair Café in May!

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