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East Linton Tool Library

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

'Fixing for a Future' is starting a tool library

in East Linton!

We have a budget from the Climate Challenge Fund to buy a selection of specialist tools and books. We'll be posting shortly to ask for donations of the smaller, everyday tools.

What is a tool library?

A tool library is an example of a Library of Things. Tool libraries allow members to borrow tools, equipment and "how-to" instructional materials.

A tool library performs the following main tasks:

  • Lending: all kinds of tools for use at home, in volunteer projects, facility maintenance, improvement projects and special events.

  • Maintenance: performing routine maintenance and repairs on all equipment to ensure good condition and to extend the lifespan of the inventory. This function is typically performed by volunteers.

Two questions:

1. Which tools and DIY manuals would you like us to include in our inventory?

2. Would you like to be part of our core team of volunteers and help with the long-term upkeep and running of East Linton Tool Library?

Please email Rosie, by 31st January to find out more and get involved.

East Linton Tool Library will be a wonderful resource for the local community and beyond!

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