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Make a Face Mask

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

1. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric (the longest side is the top).

2. Cut 2 pieces of elastic as per template.

3. On the right side of the fabric pin one piece of elastic half an inch down from the top corner and pin the other end to the bottom side an inch up from the bottom. Do the same to other side.

4. Now place the other piece on top of that piece right side facing down (the elastic should be sandwiched in the middle) and pin together.

5. Before sewing mark a two-inch space at the top. Do not sew here as this will be the gap where you turn the mask inside out.

6. From one side of the gap sew (remember to reverse stitch) along the top edge about 1cm down from raw edge. When you get to the corner stop 1cm before the end. Put your needle in the down position and lift the foot and turn your work to carry on sewing around the rectangle. Do the same at each corner.

7. When back to the top edge sew along to your marked gap and stop (reverse stitch). Take out of machine and chop threads leaving a nice long tail from the needle so you are ready to sew again.

8. Turn inside out and iron. Avoid ironing the elastic as it sometimes melts. Remember to fold in raw edge of gap.

9. Iron 2 folds (pleats) horizontally across the mask so the final depth is about 4 inches.

10. Now pin the folds in place as they always try to move when you sew over the top.

11. Now top stitch around the whole mask about 2mm in from the ironed edge. Remember to reverse stitch at the beginning and the end to stop your threads coming loose.

12. Tada.....

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