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Make a Yoga Bag from a Pair of Trousers

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Up-cycled yoga bag

1. You will need an old pair of adult jeans.

2. Unpick a back pocket.

3. Cut off a leg just below crotch.

4. Normally the leg isn't quite wide enough so you will need to use a strip from the other leg or as I have done find a similar weight fabric to insert.

5. Unpick the waist band. It's hard work but keep at it as this will become the strap. You will need to unpick the loops as well.

6. Finally, if you have a standard weight mat you will need a 7" diameter plate to draw round for the base. Use the leftover leg or the extra piece of fabric. (If you have a foam yoga mat one you will need a wider diameter).

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