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Repair Day Competition!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Inspired by International Repair Day

Fixing for a Future invites adults and children across East Lothian to:

Design a Repair Robot


Write a poem on the theme of Repair

2 Categories:




Repair Robot

  • Robot must be annotated and include a brief description

  • What can your robot repair and how does it work?

Repair Poem

  • Poem can be any length or form and must focus on the theme of Repair

  • It doesn't have to rhyme!



Send entries to by Wednesday 26th October

(You can take a photo or scan your image or poem)

Or send by post to: Repair Day Competition, East Linton Primary School, School Road, East Linton EH40 3AJ

Details to include

  • Full name

  • Category (adult or children)

  • Contact email address

All submissions will be displayed at our next Repair Café on Saturday 29th October at East Linton Community Hall - Full details here

The winners will be selected by votes from attendees at the Repair Café

Help us promote and celebrate the value of fixing!

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